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PC (USA): A bumpy bus ride and a hard turn ahead

Thoughts on the PC(USA) and the definition of marriage

It is not my desire to judge anyone for the opinions they hold, or to imply that my opinion is the “right” one simply because it is mine. We all know the folly of “thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to think”. I love the people who make up the church in my hometown, they have such a wide array of gifts and talents and wisdom that it is a constant adventure to work and worship together, and to nurture and be nurtured by this family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, sharing each other’s burdens and rejoicing in each other’s victories. We help each other, we pray for each other, we “speak the truth in love”, and we laugh and cry together through whatever comes our way. We are and have been to each other the body of Christ in just the ways the church was intended to love and serve each other.

Our nuclear families don’t stay together the way they used to. Years ago, it would not be unusual to find three generations living in the same home, or very near each other. Now our sons and daughters grow up and move away, to near and far destinations, limiting that daily family interaction and support experienced in years gone by. So for many of us, our churches provide that family feeling. The friends we make and those with whom we work in both mission and ministry come to fill those places in our hearts so important for our Christian Journey. In the 26 years our family has worshiped and worked in this church, many tight bonds have formed, many a crisis has been navigated with the Faithful praying for each other regularly. Providing a meal and other tangible means of support and encouragement has been second nature here, just like breathing almost. But this family of believers also knows how to be present with each other in need – in those heart wrenching times when words are not enough – when presence is all you can offer and is in truth all that is needed.

The crisis we find ourselves in today is not one that will be over easily. It’s not a pothole in the road over which we must bump and jolt our way along to smoother pavement that lies ahead. This is a divided pathway; it’s a place where some will change busses to reach the destination by another route. We will all stand together at the end of the journey before a loving Father, who alone is in a position to judge our action and our inaction. We all have to follow the path we believe He has lined out for us. Sometimes that means that we no longer walk hand in hand, side by side, with some of our brothers and sisters in Christ. It does not have to rob us of the love we feel for each other.

I can see my stop approaching, I know that I’m going to have to change busses and leave the close fellowship of many brothers and sisters as I move along the path that is planned for me. I am not who I am by any accident, I do not believe what I believe by some coincidence; I am taking a path that has been carefully staked out before me by others led of God. When God says, “come this way”, how dare I do otherwise? I could say, “I just can’t say anything because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m just going to stay on this bus that has grown so comfortable and be quiet”. Then I think of Jesus looking at me with loving eyes ready to forgive even this – and I wonder how I can even think of not going where He wants me to go after His ultimate sacrifice for me?

I am not asked to sacrifice more than He did, not even close.

I recognize the sacred God – Blessed Sacrament of marriage as a holy union between one man, one women and their God.  Religious denominations should stay away from politics and civil entanglements and remain steadfast in the face of cultural pressures.

I value a loving body of believers that is busy about the work of the Kingdom and yes ON FIRE with a burning passion for the scriptures and for God’s work in this world! I value a body that has found the passion of service and worship that enriches not only their lives, but draws people to the Christ flame with a hungry desire to know Him and the power of His resurrection for themselves!

Like Moses, I don’t quite know where I’m going, but I know the One who calls me to go and I know that staying on the wrong bus could take me someplace I’m not supposed to be.

I pray for the Peace and Love that only God can provide.