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Eavesdropping on a prayer: An open letter to the General Assembly PC (USA)

Dear GA,

I have a Father in Heaven, to whom I have access 24/7. It’s a great communication system not dependent on a good wi-fi or internet connection. The speed of the connection cannot be equaled nor can the clarity of the signal.   In fact, you can say that it is a flawless system in need of no further improvement or tweaking of any kind on God’s part. But sometimes MY side of the communication system experiences great difficulty. My receptors and discerners need constant configuration and updates. I have to be vigilant to keep my side of the line open and listening and tuned to the correct frequency.

God’s Word tells me that I can bring anything at all to His throne room via this special connection. (Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 6-7) I can pray about people and circumstances that give me concern.   I can bring Him my thanks and praise for the work He does in my life and in the lives of my family friends and acquaintances. I can just talk to Him. But sometimes there is so much pain or grief that I can’t form words. Even my thoughts are paralyzed, yet still there is communication! The amazing power of the Spirit of God knows my thoughts before I have them, understands my pain and communicates to the Father with “wordless groans”. Romans 8:26. And it is all instantaneous.

But just so you know, I’m going to write a prayer here so you can eavesdrop.

Dear Father,

I know that you hold the unwanted, the unborn, and the innocent ones in the palm of your hand. That is the saving grace for the world. I am so sorry for the way we humans mistreat the most helpless among us. Somehow we esteem these lives to be of less importance than others. We have chosen some but not others to allow into our world. Your world, O Lord, it is Your world and as Jesus taught us we should let the little children come near to you. Who are we to stand in the way of the fulfillment of a created life? What insufferable arrogance we have displayed! Picking and choosing who gets to stay here and who does not!   I know Lord that some lives get started with violence but Lord why do we punish the child so conceived? It is never the child’s fault! There are so many people who want and pray for a child to love, Lord why can’t that be the answer when precious babies are unwanted by their biological parents for whatever reason? That would be the loving and unselfish response, wouldn’t it?

Lord, we have formed Assemblies and go to conferences that won’t even endorse an overture to pray for these unborn unwanted innocent children. We have sinned greatly. We have become wise in our own eyes and arrogant and selfish. We want life to be convenient and on our own terms.

  • We have strayed far from our first love. (like the church at Ephesus)
  • We have tolerated immorality. (like the church at Pergamas)
  • We have chosen to sleep through life, to be inert–almost dead. (like the church at Sardis)
  • We have been indifferent to the needs of some and to our calling in this world. We have an inflated opinion of ourselves, O Lord. (like the church at Laodicea)

Father, I am sorry! Now I realize that I and maybe others like me have been sitting in silence, (asleep?) waiting for someone else to see these errors and correct them. Little by little over the years we have crept ever closer to the cliff’s edge. I look down and see that the church I have loved and served for so long has her toes hanging off the edge. It is past time to stop and change direction!

Show me Father, how to be a part of that positive change if that is your will for my life. Search me and know my heart, remove anything in it that blocks your will and create in my heart the fertile soil required for growing good fruit for you.

Thank you for this wonderful communication system in which I am free to pray about anything you place on my heart. Amen.


PC (USA)’s General Assembly: Life Interrupted


Delegates meeting in Detroit at the 221st General Assembly of the 1.8 million–member Presbyterian Church (USA) voted down a measure that would have the church endorse care for babies born alive after abortions. (Steven Ertelt/

Commissioners voted 465-133 to disapprove an overture from the Presbytery of South Alabama calling for appointment of a special committee to review PC(USA) policies on abortion and propose new policies if needed. The overture also urged a two-year churchwide “season of reflection” on the plight of unwanted children, “both born and not-yet-born.” (Eva Stimson, Assembly acts decisively on gun violence, abortion,tax reform, June 9, 2014)

When that overture was defeated a second attempt was made in a motion proposed by Teaching Elder Commissioner Jim Houston-Hencken of the Presbytery of Nevada which eliminated the call for a new study of abortion and requested only “a two-year season of prayer and reflection on ‘the least of these’ children, both born and not yet born, who are unwanted by human society.” (Stimson)

 This second motion was also voted down. 

Really church?  Did you do this? We are not encouraged by our church leadership to even reflect and pray for these babies?

Caring for children born alive at abortion

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2)      Assembly acts decisively on gun violence, abortion, tax reform June 19, 2014      General Assembly News Eva Stimson