A really short devotion: Romans 12

A genuine relationship with Christ will be evident in our lives.

Romans 12 talks about different gifts. People have different gifts and talents, I believe that because I’ve seen it. You have too. Some are good at building things with their hands and others excel at building consensus with words.

Maybe we’re called to do different things at different times. In response to God’s call we can and maybe are developing the foundation for more than one gift as we move through life.

Or perhaps as a result of growing closer to Him we are able to do more than we thought?

When we experience the change in our lives the power of the Holy Spirit brings, it effects the way we think and behave, the words we say, and fundamentally influences the witness we have in this world. The Holy Spirit brings a new way of thinking, a new way of BEING in the world and effects the way the world influences us. We are nurtured by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we grow and we change. We change for the better, and we just can’t help it! And that is just fine.

Dear Father,

What a thoughtful God you are!  You give us gifts and then you put us together with people who have complementary gifts!   I hope it gives You JOY as you mold and develop those gifts.  Use us and these your gifts for your honor and glory today and everyday.  Amen

Now what about you?   Take a moment and think about the gifts you are thankful for today.


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