What do we have to lose? Part One of Two

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The question has been posed:  What mission could we not do by staying in the PC (USA)?

In other words, how will the General Assembly of the PC (USA)’s decisions change what you do as a church? Does remaining affiliated with PC (USA) hurt your mission and ministry? How does it affect you and the life of your church on a day to day basis?

Excellent questions! Makes some stop and say “Hum, I should probably give that some thought.”That is what such questions are designed to do, make one stop and think through the answer and form an intelligent reply.

So here’s my stab at a response. It may not be the most intelligent, but it has been a long prayerful and thought-full process.

First I need to say that our church will continue to support missions both locally and internationally no matter our denominational affiliation. Leaving the PC (USA) does not limit our options; in fact it may provide an opportunity to broaden them. Have you seen the number of mission organizations that need help? Google is a good tool to find them. And if you have a favorite PC (USA) endorsed mission organization such as PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Relief) or MBF (Medical Benevolence Foundation) you can keep right on supporting them in any way you see fit. Habitat for Humanity will still look up to see various members of our congregation coming out to help, local underserved young people will still get school supplies, babies will get baby kits, neighborhood children will still get summer lunches, VBS and/or summer camp opportunities, and moms in underdeveloped countries will still receive mosquito netting to prevent malaria. I could go on, but you get the idea.

So what do we have to lose by remaining affiliated with PC (USA)? We lose integrity. We lose credibility with the world around us.  We may even lose souls for Christ. We lose direction by participating with a denomination that no longer supports Biblical truths but sways and bends with the cultural and political winds that blow. We lose the close fellowship of an obedient walk with Christ.  We lose things I haven’t even thought of yet.


More tomorrow…



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