Grace Greater Than All Our Sin

Julia Johnston (1911) used some great adjectives to describe God’s grace in the words to the hymn, Grace Greater Than All Our Sin She wrote “Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace” that is “freely bestowed on all who believe” in one of her four stanzas.  All true, but for me the title of the hymn says it best:  Grace Greater Than All Our Sin. 


When you think of the sins of all the world piled up together it would make a sizable mountain. Now imagine the weight of all that sin crushing Jesus as He suffered the agony of the cross for you.  For me.  For all who will accept His gift of grace any sin is covered, any sin at all, nothing is too bad, nothing too awful, nothing too shameful.  Why?  Because the freely given Grace of God is greater than the highest mountain of sin!  How wonderful! 


Once not too long ago or too far away there was a jar that no one could open though everyone tried.  The strongest tried first using all his strength to loosen the lid, but to no avail.  Finally the smallest among them tried using all the muscles he could, but the top was stuck fast.  He looked at the jar a moment, walked over to the sink and ran warm water over the lid for a few minutes.  When he tried again, the lid came right off, removed by brain power and not by physical power.  The water covered that tightly stuck lid and loosened it by its sheer presence on the lid.  That is what the redemptive “Grace Greater Than All Our Sin” can do for you too.  It covers your worst problems even those you tried to solve yourself – to your own exhaustion.  Whatever holds you fast will be loosened and you will be set free when God’s Grace washes over you like warm water over a tightly stuck lid. 


We have to take our problems to that Living Stream where God’s grace abounds and let God’s grace wash over us, freeing us from whatever holds us too tightly. 


Gracious God,

Thank you for the Abundant Grace available for all those things that are too difficult for our efforts to free from our lives with our own power.  Amen 


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