Sister Elaine: 4 & 1/2 feet of Grace

He could not sleep last night. His friends and even his parents were able to doze and rest, but he sat up all night alone in a strange city with his thoughts and fears–in the company of his God. What went through his mind as he contemplated the range of outcomes after this surgery?  He must have found some peace because he was ready when the time came to walk to the hospital. He was trusting people and technology, but most of all he was trusting God to return his young life to fullness. At 23 he faced life and death and everything in between.

Before the earthly surgeon could appear, the family and he had a visit from above. She came in the form of a 4 & 1/2 foot tall, 80 year old sister-angel with the unmistakable bright light of love in her eyes! The chaplain’s office had assigned her, but we all know Who sent her. She asked if he would mind if she prayed for him or if he would prefer she give him her best wishes for his health and wellbeing. He said it was all right for her to pray. And pray she did! Holding his hand in both of hers, she lifted her face heavenward and talked to God as to a friend, loving adoration in every phrase. She prayed for the doctors and nurses, and for his recovery. She asked that this surgery might be the start of a new beginning in his life. 

She shared that she liked to think of God as a loving and faithful dog, One that will not let you out of His sight no matter where you go. One who will always come to find you just to be with you because the love is unconditional.   Everyone in the room could identify with the imagery she brought to hearts and minds. She left them then with the grace of God pouring over their spirits and leaking from behind tightly closed eyes. 

She was the physical representation of all the prayers being lifted for him on this day. She was God’s messenger just when a messenger was needed most.  Praise Him for His provision!


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